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About us

And who is behind the company IMMUMEDIC Servicios Médicos S.L. stands.


We, the company IMMUMEDIC Servicios Médicos S.L., distinguish us from the fact that we have a very close contact with our prospective customers, our customers and the doctors and naturopaths who work with us. Only in this way is it possible to bring an important therapy into a sensible path in terms of organization and time.


In this way, we bundle the necessary professional know-how, the laboratory work, a professional transport logistics, the documentation and quality management according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and a department adapted according to the requirements for the help of the cost transfer by private or statutory health insurers.


The fact that our modern laboratory in Germany has a 14-year-long professional experience with the immunotherapy with dendritic cells offered here makes us proud and creates trust with our customers, the patients of our doctors and naturopaths.


With this motivation - as a separate professional requirement - a team of specialists from different disciplines has teamed up internationally to implement the comprehensive treatment concept 'DKZplus' for those concerned.


Care was taken to ensure that the treatment concept promises absolute sustainability. Benefit from our treatment concept with a therapy that is free from annoying side effects. Our treatment concept is constantly being tested as a product.


State-of-the-art, certified laboratories in Germany, soon in Spain, guarantee a consistent quality at the highest level.


The opening of our laboratory in Spain (only the place or area), among others. For the manufacture of dendritic cells for the treatment of tumor invasion, is planned for 2017/2018.


A team of our specialists is constantly engaged in product development and quality control. In short, the company IMMUMEDIC developed the treatment concept 'DKZplus', which can offer the affected person a better life quality and a sustainable future in the fight against many diseases.


For medical questions, our specialists and naturopaths are at your disposal.


Are you looking for a specialist or a naturopath in your area?


Medizinischer Beirat


Unser medizinischer Beirat ist ein unabhängiges, ständig wachsendes, internationales Gremium aus Ärzten, Wissenschaftlern und Heilpraktikern mit jeweils unterschiedlichen Schwerpunkten. Der Beirat begleitet und unterstützt IMMUMEDIC bei den medizinischen Konzeptionen und den Behandlungsabläufen der Immuntherapien.


Der Beirat ist die fachliche Basis für die Entwicklung von Studiendesigns für weitere Indikationen und therapeutische Kombinationen und für unsere Qualitätskontrolle nach GMP.


Behandelnde und interessierte Ärzte bitten wir, uns die Fachfragen per E-Mail über das Formular auf dieser Seite zukommen zu lassen. Aufgrund des größer gewordenen Gremiums mit unterschiedlichen Ausrichtungen und Zuständigkeiten der einzelnen Mitglieder, führt dieses Verfahren zum schnellsten Ergebnis.


Patienten bitten wir, sich mit Fragestellungen, deren Beantwortung sich nicht aus unseren Veröffentlichungen auf dieser Website erschließt, ausschließlich an ihren behandelnden Arzt oder Heilpraktiker zu wenden. Bitte beachten Sie als Patient, dass wir keine medizinische Beratung vornehmen dürfen.


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Phone: +44 208 089 33 66




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About us

Our treatments may also be conveniently & successfully combined with other ongoing therapies such as chemotherapy, mistletoe therapy, radiotherapy, etc.


For more information regarding our treatment options please consult your medical specialist or contact a Immumedic representative (link).

Please note that we are not allowed to provide medical advice. If you have any questions, please contact your treating physician or medical practitioner.

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