Dendritic Cells

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Dendritic Cells

Dendritic cells


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By means of a special laboratory procedure, the ‘dendritic precursor cells’, which are able to grow to ‘dendritic cells’, can be isolated from the patient's blood.


During the maturation process of the precursor cells, high-ripe, immunologically produced tumour components are added to them, based on the patient's own blood.


During this process, the precursor cells mature into fully-formed dendritic cells, bearing the characteristic features of deleterious structures of tumour cells associated with a particular signaling at their surface. The immune system is now able to perceive the harmful signals.


The Dendritic Cells, which are now fully developed, will as next processed - without additives like e.g. medications - to a cell suspension which is to be subcutaneously injected to the patient into the region of the inguinal lymph nodes. In the body of the patient, the Dendritic Cells then migrate into the lymph nodes and activate the various types of executor cells (e.g., the so-called cytotoxic T-lymphocytes) which can kill degenerated cells.

Dendritic Cells help to fight the cancer


The advantages are obvious: What was unthinkable 10 years ago, is now almost standard: Dendritic Cells can be propagated outside the human body.


Degenerative cells are generally combated by the body’s own immune system. However, a tumour problem arises when one's own immune system is no longer able to do so by weakening. Then cancer will develop.


Combatting of cancer with your own immune system has always been a dream of the medical profession, today the possibility has become real.


Dendritic Cells belong to the group of monocytes and patrol in the body tissue always in the search for foreign bodies such as viruses, fungi or bacteria.


As soon as the naive, not yet matured ‘dendritic precursor cells’ collide with foreign bodies, they will be comminuted into individual components and displayed on their cell surface. As they pass through the body into the lymph nodes, the precursor cells mature into Dendritic Cells.

There, in the lymph nodes, the tumour cells - indicated as foreign bodies – will be presented to the special executor cells (cytotoxic T-lymphocytes).


Activated in this way, the executor cells migrate to the foreign body in order to destroy these foreign cells.

Dendritic Cells have other abilities, too: E.g., further naive cells can be loaded with the information about foreign structures, or they can also activate T-helper cells, which then will pass via the blood stream to other indicative lesion in order to produce their own substances, which become able to act on the cytotoxic T-cells.


Dendritic Cells can survive for up to 120 days in the body, helping other cells interacting for to produce additional antibodies that can also combat the cancer. Once the tumour is visible, it can also be sustainably combated by the immune system.


In our laboratory in Germany, which is specialized in immunology, the ‘dendritic precursor cells’ can be separated from the patient’s blood by a special procedure. During their maturation process the precursor cells will be loaded with the prepared high-ripe, immunologically produced tumour components and then processed to a ‘cell suspension’ which will be made available for being injected.


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