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For Medical Professionals

You as a doctor


You are a physician / doctor and you would like to offer your patients an outpatient biological cancer therapy with autologous manufactured Dendritic Cells.


The company IMMUMEDIC Servicios Médicos S.L. would like to introduce ourselves as an international acting, medical service company.


As a European company with German roots and our head office in Spain, we are active for doctors and clinics across Europe. Organisationally, we are able to provide treatments for affected patients from other, further away countries as well.


We develop therapeutic concepts with our own medical advisory board and take care of the acquisition, conclusions of the treatment contracts, the billing management, the important scheduling, the whole logistics, the laboratory work with our special laboratory in Germany, finally the quality management and the documentation.


Our therapeutic concepts and modules are geared to ensure that your patients will get e.g. the Dendritic Cell Therapy ambulant with you as physician / doctor in charge in your own practice or clinic – - as practiced relationship to your practice and, for the patient, in a familiar environment.

We offer you, as a specialist for your patients, the following services in a package:


  • A Dendritic Cell Therapy as the solitary biological cancer therapy or as an accompanying therapy beside or during a chemotherapy or radiation therapy.


  • All contractual procedures with your patient.


  • All logistical procedures, such as the delivery of the blood collection kit to your practice and the transport of the blood to the laboratory, the production of the cell suspensions according to GMP in our certified laboratory in Germany, deliveries of the Dendritic Cell suspensions to your practice.


  • Supporting your patient / our customer with appointment clarifications and putting our documents at the disposal for his application for the cost takeover with private or statutory health insurances.


  • Blood tests, such as the EDIM test for cancer status and vitamin- and mineral deficiency analyses.


  • Delivery of the special ‘immuno’-serum for i.m. injections as a cure for strengthening the immune system.


You can also offer your patients the treatment concept 'DKZplus', developed by specialists, or the pure Dendritic Cell Therapy, named as treatment module 'DCs'. We would be glad to provide you with more details about a cooperation.

Your patient will be looked after by you as the doctor of his trust during the entire therapy - from day one.

This results in an all-round treatment concept for optimal and sustained control of the tumor.

So, it appears to reach an all around complete treatment concept for an optimal, sustained control of the tumour.


This results in an all-round treatment concept for optimal and sustained control of the tumor.

So, it appears to reach an all around complete treatment concept for an optimal, sustained control of the tumour.

After blood sampling, the blood of your patient will be delivered directly in a special container to the laboratory without delay.


You as the medical specialist will receive all evaluations of the EDIM blood test for to inform your patient about the current tumour status.


Have we aroused your interest?


More information and the personalised documents (with your partice name and address) can be requested [here].


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Phone Int.: +34 654 431 317




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About us

IMMUMEDIC Servicios Médicos is an international medical service company with a laboratory in Germany and stands for all logistic- and laboratory-relevant services with the various tumour diseases.


Our team of specialists, such as medical specialists, geneticists and lab technicians, are well familiar in providing the best possible treatment for the patients in order to achieve the best possible cure. (continuing)

Please note that we are not allowed to provide medical advice. If you have any questions, please contact your medical practitioner.

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