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Universität Giessen - Nobelpreis Medizin: Wie Medizinpreisträger 2011 Ralph Steinman forscht das Zentrum für Transfusionsmedizin zu Dendritischen Zellen (here)


Tumorimpfung - GFBK biokrebs (here)


Studie | Effectivity of Long Exposition Dendritic Cell Therapy... (hier)


Studie | Ralph Steinman - Identification of a Novel Cell Type in Peripheral Lymphoid (here)


Dissertation 2015| Hemmung des GM2-Gangliosid Metabolismus in, aus humanen Monozyten generierten, Dendritischen Zellen (here)


Studie | Building on Dendritic Cell Subsets to Improve Cancer Vaccines (here)


News releases (TV, radio and print magazines / news papers)


RTL Next - New hope in cancer treatment: doctors rely on immunotherapy (here)

FAZ 2011 - The saddest Nobel Prize of all time For the discoverer of the dendritic cells (here)

3SAT - Immunotherapy against cancer - Biologics improve cell communication (here)

Cancer immunotherapies with dendritic cells over 7000 articles and press releases are available on immunotherapy with dendritic cells. (here)


Own press work - Publications


Immunotherapy against cancer! - In two to three years, chemotherapy has been used, immunotherapy will be the winner. Lt. Statement by Prof. Dirk Jäger from Heidelberg University Hospital. Contribution in ZDF - Today Journal of 28.01.2016 "Immunotherapy against cancer" (here)


OpenPR .com - Pressemitteilung - openPR - IT, New Media & Software The stolen man's power

The diagnosis of cancer itself is already a diagnosis that no one wants to hear. In the men, all the alarm bells are going to be at their man power. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosis in men over 60 years and for almost half it means after a treatment with a standard therapy procedure that it was with the man force. (here)


OpenPR | Biological cancer therapy with standard therapy in the fight against cancer (here)


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IMMUMEDIC Servicios Médicos is an international medical service company with a laboratory in Germany and stands for all logistic- and laboratory-relevant services with the various tumour diseases.


Our team of specialists, such as medical specialists, geneticists and lab technicians, are well familiar in providing the best possible treatment for the patients in order to achieve the best possible cure. (continuing)

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